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What Startup Funding is

Startup Funding is a loan type specifically geared towards helping you finance your business with very little history. Startup Funding comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from business credit cards, personal loans and lines of credit.

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What is Business Credit Card Funding?

A terrific way to start separating your business and personal debt. 0% rates up to 18 months. These accounts will help establish your business credit scores and enable you to qualify for SBA funding down the road. Funding amounts up to $100,000 based upon personal credit only, no bank statements or prior revenues required. Minimum credit scores of 700 required.

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What Real Estate Funding is

Real estate funding is for residential investment or investor/owner occupied commercial real estate properties.We work with borrowers seeking small balance commercial, conventional, and bridge loan programs. We offer a quick approval process through our Stated, Lite-Doc, and No-Doc programs.

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What an SBA Loan Is

SBA Loans are part of a program created by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in order to help fund entrepreneurs like you.

However, the difference between an SBA and other loans is that it’s a guarantee from banks and certified lenders. This means the SBA doesn’t actually give you money.

But rather, they determine guidelines for lenders & guarantee applicants up to 85% of the loan. This way, the lenders remain protected from potential defaults & it allows for them to provide funding for entrepreneurs with very little risk.

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What Retirement Funding Is

A Business Directed Retirement Account(BDRA) is an account that allows you to invest your retirement assets directly into your new business without any penalties OR taxable distributions.

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What Equipment Financing Is

Equipment Financing allows you to fund up to 100% on new or used equipment for your business. This can include tools, appliances, computers, or even vehicles– but there’s plenty more that can be funded using Equipment Financing.

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What A Personal Loan Is

Personal loans are unsecured loans with fixed interest rates traditionally offered by banks, alternative lenders or credit unions with monthly payments and terms of 3, 5 or 7 years. They require no collateral or down payments.

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What Merchant Cash Advances Are

Originally, a Merchant Cash Advances was designed to be a lump-sum payment for businesses in exchange for a specific percentage of future credit / debit card sales agreed-upon by both parties. Now, it’s more commonly used to describe an array of financial options for small businesses.

They’re typically characterized by shorter payment terms and smaller payments in comparison to traditional bank loans.

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What Franchise Funding is

Creative loan structures with terms up to 25 years. Rates vary from 6.25% to 7.25%*

Through our partner banks, our Franchise Funding options offer fast in-house approvals with a streamlined documentation and closing process.

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What Acquisition Funding is

Business acquisition funding can be used for a variety of different business industries. Approvals will be based on credit score and current income from any applicant applying. Minimum credit requirements needed are 700+ credit. Funding amount range from $25,000- $500,000. Approvals can be completed in as little as 48 business hours with zero upfront costs. Soft credit pull to see what you qualify for. 

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