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Credit Repair USA

Credit Repair USA knows how important credit is when it comes to your financial health. That’s why Credit Repair USA can help consumers repair and improve their credit with comprehensive and personalized credit repair services. Credit Repair USA’s programs are designed to help consumers identify and correct errors on credit reports that may be negatively affecting their credit score.

Through free credit consultations, personalized client dashboards, 24/7 access to financial tools, credit monitoring, and a dedicated team of experts, they are focused on helping consumers improve their credit and correct errors on their credit reports. Credit can be complex and confusing, but their team is here to help you manage your credit so you can focus on achieving your financial goals.  Increase your credit scores today with the assistance of Credit Repair USA.

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ADP Payroll Services

ADP pays 1 in 6 private sector workers in the United States. And we’re global: we serve approximately 545,000 clients and are the single source for employee administration in 31 countries around the world. (See attached source)

We are not one size fits all.  We consult and adapt to our clients/partners needs whether it’s a small (1-49), midmarket (50-999) or over 1,000 employee business, ADP has solutions. Fun fact, Amazon and Under Armor use us.

Why ADP?

Founded in 1949 by CPA, Henry Taub, ADP has always been and continues to be a leader in the Human Capital Management Industry.  Adapting over the years from just payroll to HR services, benefit administration, insurance and time tracking, ADP is truly always designing for people.

With bundled solutions that make sense for your business needs, you can count on myself and ADP to always provide a consultative approach and suggest what we think is the best solution for the business and its employees versus being a one size fits all solution. Whether you’re a self-employed S-Corp or a 60 employee HVAC company, ADP can help and we can help with more than just payroll.

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