What Retirement Funding Is

A Business-Directed Retirement Account (BDRA) is a deposit account (Not A Loan) in which a fixed sum of money is given and where your retirement annuities can be withdrawn. Specifically, a BDRA allows you to invest your retirement assets directly into your new business without any penalties of taxable distributions.


Benefits Include:

  • No Penalties
  • No Loans
  • No Banks
  • No Credit
  • Debt-Free
  • Complete Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Limitless Investment
  • No Collateral
  • No Potential For Denial
  • No Personal Liability


Loan Amounts


Loan Terms


Interest Rates



14 – 21 Days

How We Help You With Your BDRA

In today’s market, it’s not uncommon for companies to form BDRAs that cut corners and put your business at risk. Our BDRA program recognizes these issues and focuses on providing high-quality, customizable, retirement funding for entrepreneurs with the help of our strategic partners.We provide top quality legal support, 5 year management consultation, custom retirement plan design, access to additional funding, and audit protection guarantee.

Got Credit? Two Is Better Than One. BDRA And Unsecured Business Finance

As an entrepreneur, you may not always have the funds needed to get you off your feet. And you likely don’t want to use all of your retirement funding. We help develop unique solutions for you and can combine your BDRA with Unsecured Business Finance options. This can help increase your startup capital with zero collateral, manage your risk by starting the business with a hybrid structure, build relationships with the banks to refinance down the road, and start cash rich with a line of credit that has 0% APR.

For an entrepreneur like you, you must have at least $50,000+ in a retirement account with a previous employer. This includes a 401(k), IRA, and 403(b). However, if you meet this criteria, you can expect funding anywhere between $20,000 and $200,000.

Ideal Annual Revenue


Ideal Credit Score


Time In Business


Customer Testimonial

“My wife and I were able to use $115,000 in combined retirement assets to start our business.”

“The thing that really helped was when I got in touch with Finance Factory, everybody was really confident. You could tell that everyone had done these types of transactions a number of times and were confident in all the steps. They really took the pain out of this part of the business process (financing)”

– Mack M., Franchisee
Klein, TX

Customer Testimonial

“The $61,500 trapped in my retirement account was unlocked by Finance Factory.”

“The processing team helped take care of all the necessary paperwork with my input. They were able to help me liquidate my 401(k) to help start my business. They also told me how to structure my company to avoid any potential tax liabilities and everyone was very helpful!”

– Albert W. Monkey Properties Inc
San Francisco, CA

Finance Factory Helps You With Business Directed Retirement Funding

Interested in finding funding for your business? Finance Factory would love to help! If you’re looking to create business directed retirement account, let’s chat! Get pre-qualified right now with our quick-step pre-qualification form! And don’t worry, this will not result in a hard credit inquiry of sensitive information. We just want to learn more about you and your business. Click below to get started!