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Braden Downing

I found Finance Factory through Lending Tree, when the app crashed. I was frustrated because I thought I’d have to do the forms again. Finance Factory actually reached out to me by phone, and introduced themselves. The first person I connected with was Sam, and he was friendly and knowledgable. More importantly, he was aware of what he didn’t know, as well, and in the end, every stage with him transpired in exactly the process he stated it would. It was easy onboarding. In moving to a second stage, I worked with Cole. Cole literally listened to me ramble for hours about my ideas and I genuinely believed he enjoyed every minute of it. Beyond that, he got me great rates, he pinged my credit the exact amount of times he said he would to get the job done, no more. At the time of writing this review, I have received the funding I needed. Interestingly enough, the banks I’m approved with also sent me letters declining the loan initially. I have decent credit, not impeccable credit, and these were unsecured loans, so for those familiar, that means the folks at Finance Factory worked some magic, and without that, it wasn’t happening. This is something I know, not something they stated. In the world of finance, to “work magic” with grace, and quiet precision, without even taking credit for it, is remarkable. And, the whole thing was done 100% remotely, with minimal action required on my end. I admit, I was a little hesitant at first due to the consultancy fee, but looking back, I’m more than confident I saved in time and convenience whatever it cost me to pay their fees. I’d do it again. More important, my credit report barely even felt it, and I’d imagine they did a good bit of shopping around. They also had an alternative lender they discouraged me from using, despite it likely being in their best interest to close it, which shows honesty. Highly recommended, maybe not for penny pinchers, but definitely for folk who don’t mind paying a little more for quality and convenience. Thanks again, all!

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