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Melissa Geeslin

“Highly recommend Mark and Diana! They didn’t ask for this review – I offered to give a review as I am so thankful and my business is financially sound because of them.

The idea of starting a new business is exciting and easy! Obtaining the funding you need without investing your personal money is not exciting or easy whatsoever. I was referred to the Finance Factory, came into contact with Mark, and realized quickly this would be a great relationship. The counsel and coaching I received from business structure, naming the LLC, discussing business goals to realistically setting funding goals, creating new sales forecasting outlooks, and just rewriting our business plan was enlightening.

Keep in mind – I have been a VP of Operations for a major company for over 20 years before venturing out on my own. You think you know what to do, what to expect, and how to get funding. Even the most experienced people, need an expert, coach, and counselor in funding your business without extending your personal assets. You have heard the phrase: “”Going all in”” ie. Exhausting your personal assets. Why do that if you don’t have to?

If you are a new business or existing business, please reach out to them and just see what the options are. Allow them to review your information, write a compelling story for your business, and present your business to over 20 different financial institutions (in my case that was the number – yours could be more or less).

They saved me hours of work, phone calls, and paperwork which I was able to reapply to building my business compared to financing my business. 30 days from our first call – I have funding, I have grown my business 110% and frankly, I sleep better at night.

Mark and Diana are great people – strong ethical compasses, truthful, reliable and provide timely updates on the status of your funding. If you can listen, accept coaching and understand paying a reasonable fee for this service, then this is the company to talk to. We don’t work for free – so why should they? Their fees are the most reasonable and affordable compared to any other company out there. Believe me – I talked to a lot of different companies before selecting them.

Question: How much time are you spending worried about the financial status of your business? What if you could apply that time to building your client base to produce more income? My answer: I was spending a lot more time worried about money than I was actually building my business.

Spend 10 minutes (yes that is all the time it took on the initial call) to hear them out, understand the process, and get the funding you need.”

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