Let’s be real, whether you’re in New York City or in a small town somewhere in Ohio, pizzerias are a huge part of American culture. And if you’re here reading this, you’re likely considering starting one of your own. Which is awesome, pizzerias have been insanely popular since their conception. And they can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity when it comes to running your own business.

However, the food industry is a pretty expensive endeavor. You’ll have to consider the size of the real estate, location, potential transportation, equipment, furniture, packaging, and decor. And beyond that, you’ll need to have a consistent supply of ingredients and spices on hand in order to make your food.

So, if you’re passionate about food and you’re looking into starting your own pizzeria, getting the right equipment is an absolute must.

The 6 Best Equipment For Your Pizzeria And How To Fund It

There’s plenty of equipment to consider when it comes to starting and running a restaurant, and this is even more true for pizzerias. Here are the 6 best equipment for your Pizzeria and how to fund it.

First And Foremost, A Pizza Oven

I know, you never expected me to suggest a pizza oven, but alas, here we are. When it comes to cooking your pizzas, there are quite a few oven options out there. Brick ovens are always a popular choice for one, but there’s also pizza deck ovens, countertop pizza ovens, and some other commercial grade pizza ovens. That’s a lot of pizza ovens. So, when making your choice, it’ll come down to practicality, space, and what you can afford as well as what you like the best.

A Pizza Pan, Stone, Cutter, and Peel

Whether you’re making a Sicilian, New York Style, or thin crust pizza, you absolutely need pans to put them on. And I’m not saying one or two pans, you’ll need a bunch if you want to keep up with the demand. You’ll also need a few pizza stones.

Depending on the type of oven you decide on, a pizza peel may be absolutely necessary. It’s a great way to place pizzas in and out of ovens while maintaining a safe distance. it’s also pretty useful for making sure the pizzas don’t flop in any unfortunate ways when handling them.

As for the cutter, well, I’m sure that’s pretty self-explanatory. You can’t really eat pizza before it’s cut– well you could, but it would be a little challenging.

Pizza Warming Shelf And Display Case

Not all people come into a pizzeria wanting an entire pizza, and this is especially true around lunchtime during the weekdays. So, a warming shelf is absolutely necessary for when customers come in and want to get a quick slice of whatever specialty pizzas you’re offering.

And beyond that, you need a display case for what you offer and how it looks. In my pizzeria dining experiences, a lot of places combine the two so you can see exactly what the specialty types look like and know what slices you’ll be getting.

Pizza dough rounders, dividers, and sheeters as well as dough boxes and pans

Of course, you can go the hand tossed route for dough making, but if you’re looking for quick and efficient ways to prepare your dough. You’ll want to look into pizza dough presses, sheeters, and dividers.

You’ll also need to protect your dough in a pan during the resting process. As I’m sure you know, when it comes to good pizza, you absolutely need to give it some time to rest in order for the yeast to properly react within the dough. This is where pizza dough pans and boxes come into play.

A Salad And Sandwich Prep Table, and of course, a refrigerator

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “A salad and sandwich prep table doesn’t seem like it’s completely necessary.” However, I’d argue otherwise. It’s a great place to not only store ingredients, but prepare your food in general. And let’s be honest, even if you are a pizzeria, it won’t be the only food you offer.

A lot of pizzerias offer salads, subs, and pasta as well. So, even if it’s a pizzeria, you’ll need a place to prepare these other meal alternatives. And really, it’s a bonus since it’s a good place to store some dry ingredients as well. Beyond that, you’ll obviously need a refrigerator for any of the ingredients that require cold storage.

Spice shakers, pizza boxes, and other to-go storage options

Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you a single pizzeria I’ve been to that hasn’t had shakers for parmesan and red pepper. They’re a staple in the American pizza culture.

As for pizza boxes, they’re not only a necessity for customers getting food to go, but they’re also a way to brand your business. Every pizzeria I know has a box specifically designed around their brand, and so it’s an absolute must. And to cover all of our bases, you’ll always need to have to-go options for whatever food options customers may choose.

Now, How do you fund the equipment you need for your Pizzeria?

Equipment Financing is used for anything ranging from storage, supplies, utensils, appliances, cooking equipment, and so on. They are easy to receive due to the fact that the equipment is the collateral. This means the equipment itself would be returned in the worst case scenario. As for loan amounts, terms, and interest rates, they’ll vary.

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